Liger Hercules Food Consumption and Eating Habits

Hercules the liger consumes about 30 pounds of meat in a single sitting. Usually big cats are preferably given food on a single time, and the same should be true about Hercules the liger as well. This 30 Pound of meat consumption Quantity is quoted by the master and owner of Hercules the liger named as Dr. Bhagvan Antle. He is a big cat expert and has an experience of personally raising big cats for more than 30 years till now. He is a truly dedicated person when it comes to Big cats, and of course ligers as well. Therefore; if anytime you are considering feeding a liger, do consider that 30 pound of meat is the best serving for the liger.

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Liger Hercules consumes 30 pounds of meat per day.
Hercules the liger consumes 30 pounds of meat per day. Photo Courtesy of 

This food consumption for Hercules the liger of eating 30 pounds of meat per day, is a very normal food for Hercules the liger. According to Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Hercules is fully capable of eating more than 100 Pounds of meat in a single sitting. But that will definitely make Hercules the liger an obese liger. This statement from Dr. Bhagavan Antle also suggests that a balanced diet is very essential for the big cats and that also includes ligers as well. 100 Pound will certainly make Hercules the liger very huge (He may gain few hundred Pounds of Weight More), but that will also expose Hercules the liger being vulnerable to many diseases and health risks.

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Liger Hercules eating a piece of meat.
Picture of Hercules the liger eating a piece of meat. Hercules the liger is fully capable of eating 100 pounds of meat at maximum. This picture belongs to 

Definitely it will be very cruel to feed any liger more than what it actually requires. Usually animals have no idea, and if they are fed on more food they continue to be fed over such a pattern. Hercules the liger is very lucky in this regard that he found right master Dr. Bhagavan Antle, who knows exactly how much and when and which food to give to the liger to make them certainly look healthy, strong and yet still an awesome creature to watch and amaze about.

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Liger Hercules fully enjoys Balanced Diet at its Animal Sanctuary in United States.
Balanced diet is key part of the eating habit of Hercules the liger and Dr. Bhagavan Antle and his team has played a phenomenal role in this regard. Photo Courtesy of 

Eating 30 pounds of meat in a single day is a lot when it comes to big cats and also when it comes to carnivores. There will be very few carnivores in the world which would be capable of eating that much huge amount of meat in a single sitting. Lions and tigers certainly Eat Half the food Hercules the liger eat (They eat 10 to 15 Pounds of Meat). Pythons and Anaconda do eat a lot of meat but occasionally, but still not on the daily basis. Therefore; among land mammals Hercules might be the biggest Meat Consuming Mammal in the world, even reptiles fall behind within this category as well.

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Liger Hercules is the largest meat consuming mammal living on planet earth.
Hercules the liger is the largest meat consuming mammal living on planet earth. This picture belongs to 

Apart from eating 30 pounds of meat in a single sitting, Hercules the liger also consumes about more than 1 Gallon of water in a single day. Water as a requirement is always important and essential for each and every living organism, but consuming 1 Gallon of Water per day is certainly a massive quantity. It should also be noted that Ligers grow very fast as compared to lions and tigers, therefore; such a high growth rate also means high metabolic activity and of course water a very high quantity of water as well.

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Liger Hercules has a high food intake and also higher water consumption as well.
Hercules the liger consumes more than 1 gallon of water per day along with eating 30 pounds of meat as a daily meal. This picture belongs to