Liger Hercules Health - The Healthiest and Fittest Liger

Hercules the liger is the Healthiest Liger in the World. Is it really so? The Answer is definitely Yes! Herculesí each and every appearance within TV, Pictures, and Social Media is enough to prove him the Healthiest and fittest liger in the world. From the health perspective this is extremely important information, as Hercules the liger can be considered as a best example for ligers as being healthiest and most normal animals living on Planet Earth. However; we need a lot of evidence and convert it to a reliable fact to prove all these claims about Hercules the liger.

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Liger Hercules is healthiest and fittest liger.
Hercules the liger is the healthiest and the fittest liger. Photo Courtesy of 

Letís start with the famous stuffs with Hercules the liger. The liger has appeared on many places internationally and on International Television Channels as well. It has made its appearance on National Geographic and definitely many Animal Experts has observed Hercules the liger. None of the Experts have stated any abnormal or lacking stuff within Hercules the liger. Rather they are surprised by the vigor, power, and massiveness of this big cat. If they would have seen anything wrong with Hercules the liger, they would have certainly stated so, but rather they appreciated Hercules the liger which itself is a great proof of Hercules being the Healthiest among the big cats.

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Liger Hercules is healthiest and fittest from its each and every appearance.
Liger Hercules looks healthiest and fittest from its each and every appearance. This picture belongs to 

About ligers these rumors are very common that Ligers do not live a Healthy Life. According to them Ligers have a very weaker Heart, they grow all their life, and also their bones are much smaller as compared to their body weights. Even many people believe that they have renal diseases, as well (few cases however; did observed within elderly ligers). These rumors are not scientifically proven; just they are passed from one person to another. Many Animal Rights Activists have these common Beliefs who use it for their personal gains. But when we compare and analyze them with Hercules the liger, we find out that none of such rumors were actually true. In Simple words Hercules the liger has proved all those critics wrong.

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Health Rumors against Hercules the liger are absolutely wrong. There is no truth within them.
All the health rumors against Hercules the liger are absolutely wrong. There is no piece of truth within them. Hercules the liger has proved himself as fittest and healthiest liger. This picture belongs to 

Hercules the Liger has maintained stable Health throughout its entire lifespan. There has never been a news that Hercules the liger is suffering from any serious illness and especially the ones that were mentioned above e.g., weaker heart, renal diseases, etc. Rather Hercules the liger is living a normal life just like all the other big cats. Hercules the liger eats normally, drinks normally and in accordance with its body requirements. Hercules the liger is a decade old liger, and its 10 years of life is a good assumption to consider that a liger can live a very healthy life.

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Liger Hercules has maintained a stable health. Hercules has lived normal throughout its life.
Hercules the liger has maintained a very stable health since his birth. Hercules the liger lives a normal like just like the other big cats at the animal sanctuary but with special features. This picture belongs to 

Moreover; letís take the example of the brothers of Hercules the liger. He has 3 brothers named as Zeus, Sinbad and Vulcan. All are of the same age as of Hercules the liger and are from the same litter. None of these ligers are suffering from any abnormalities or serious life-threatening diseases. In fact all of them are living very normally and are awesome big cats. These are further examples of health related stuffs about ligers which indicate that ligers live a normal life and they are not prone to any diseases.

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Liger Hercules brothers are fully fit and fully healthy without any genetic diseases.
All the brothers of Hercules the liger are also fully fit and healthiest ones. They do not have any kind of genetic disease. This picture belongs to 

However; few ligers have been found disabled. For example in Taiwan, the only surviving liger is disabled from its leg. This disability is not a genetic part of ligers, it is a birth disability, and it is not a genetic disability as many other ligers being born in the nearby China are very health and fully normal indeed. Do remember that Taiwan authorities are very much against the ligers, and they were against the ligers from the day one. Moreover; you canít relate disability as a permanent physical defect within ligers when it is only observed within a single liger.

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Liger Hercules has no disability.
Hercules the liger has no disability. Photo Courtesy of