Hercules the Liger Jumps more than 40 Feet Long

Hercules the liger can easily jump more than 40 feet of distance through its single leap. Keep in mind that we are talking Hercules the ligerís Horizontal Distance while jumping and not the height (vertical distance) during its jump. 40 feet is a lot of distance and very few animals in the world are capable of leaping that much far. Even though Hercules is a very huge big Cat (900 Pounds in Weight), yet still jumping a distance of 40 feet and more is just an amazing stuff from this massively big cat. We can explore physical and structural attributes of Hercules in this article, to further know what causes Hercules the liger to jump that much far even though it weighs more than 900 pounds.

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Liger Hercules is 40 feet long.
Hercules the liger jumps 40 feet long. This picture belongs to 

Please also keep in mind that this jumping ability is one of the biggest among big animals, if we start calculating weights of animals starting from 900 pounds Cows, Buffaloes, Hippos, bears, etc all reach well above this weight (900 pounds or more) but they are not being able to jump that much bigger and longer as 40 feet as in the case of Hercules the liger. That really makes Hercules the liger as being very unique and it further opens one big chapter within the physical attributes of the Big Cats.

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Hercules the liger can jump 40 feet despite weighing 900 pounds.
Despite weighing 900 pounds, Hercules the liger can easily jump across 40 feet of distance horizontally. Photo Courtesy of  

Moreover; if we rank this jump and its figure (40 feet Jump) among other big cats, certainly Hercules the ligerís leaping jump of more than 40 feet will seemingly prove out to be the record best indeed among the big cats. Other big cats such as Cheetahs, Tigers, Leopards, Pumas and Leopards are all capable of jumping as far as 20 feet to 35 feet range, but no one stands more than 40 feet leaping jump of Hercules the liger. According to the leaping jumps statistics, a tiger has a leaping jump of 30 feet, a Lion around 25 feet, and a Leopard usually around 20 feet of leaping jump. Only Cheetahs are known to have a bigger leaping jump of 35 feet which is the most closest to leaping jump of Hercules the liger.

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Liger Hercules jump is biggest among all the big cats.
The jump record of Hercules the liger is highest among all the other big cats. Photo Courtesy of 

So what allows Hercules the Liger to attain the bigger jumping leap, while its parents Lions and tigers are simply lagging behind? The simplest answer will be the physical structure of Hercules the liger. Hercules the liger even though weighs 900 pounds, has a very elongated structure. Hercules has inherited this structure from its mother side (tigress). Tigers are usually longer than lions, and this also allows them to be bigger than lions as well in terms of their weight. Hercules the liger is 2 feet longer than a tiger which certainly allows Hercules to make bigger leaps. Moreover; Hercules the liger also has a strong and bigger muscle power at its hind legs as compared to lions and tigers, which is also another factor that allows Hercules the liger to have a greater Leaping jump of more than 40 feet very easily.

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Liger Hercules body structure of 11 feet allows him to have a bigger jump.
The body structure of Hercules the liger allows him to gain a bigger jump. Hercules the liger is 11 feet long, which does allow him to have a bigger leap. Photo Courtesy of 

In the wild, leaping jump is very important for the big cats. It allows them to put more force pressure on their prey at the time of pouncing. This greater force pressure is always needed by big cats to give a devastating blow to their prey. So if leaping jumps are very important aspects within the life of the big cats in the wild for devastating their prey, then just imagine how much lethal will be the leaping of Hercules the liger to its prey both in terms of distance as well as force pressure. Perhaps every big cat while hunting alone a big prey would have dreamt of this big leaping jump and its pressure force as that of Hercules the liger or any other liger.

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Liger Hercules Leaping Jump and massive force pressure.
The leaping jump of Hercules the liger will also have a massive force pressure and will be maximum among all the big cats. Photo Courtesy of 

The case of Hercules can perfectly be generalized about all the ligers as well. Even though ligers and other big cats living in the captivity are not known to learn pouncing or leaping jumps for the prey, yet still credit goes to the master of Hercules the liger Dr. Bhagavan Antle and its team to train Hercules the liger with such skills at its animal sanctuary in Parrot Jungle Island and Myrtle Beach Safari. Hercules is regularly trained about swimming and running at its animal sanctuary and thatís why this feature of 40 feet leaping jump has been measured and information is publicly available.

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Liger Hercules Jump Training by Dr. Bhagavan Antle
Bhagavan Antle is a key persons among training Hercules the liger and developing its physical skills. Photo Courtesy of