Hercules the Liger at National Geographic

Hercules the liger has also appeared on many National Geographic Programs as well. National Geographic has shown many programs about Ligers, and among all of them Hercules the liger and on some of them his Brother Sinbad the liger has featured. Hercules the liger has featured on National Geographic’s Programs “Super Cat / Ultimate cat” and in some other reference programs where a big cat had to be introduced indirectly to give the reference of either hybrids, or big cats in general. National Geographic even on multiple occasions specifically mentioned Hercules the liger and its brother Sinbad the liger as an Ultimate Cat species in the world.

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Liger Hercules at National Geographic Program Super Cat.
Picture of Hercules the liger appearing at National Geographic Program "Super Cat". Photo Courtesy of 

In National Geographic several key attributes of Hercules the liger were presented such as its weight being more than 900 pounds, its ability to reach 13 feet very easily without even need of a jump, its comparison with lions and tigers, the power of hybrids, and its background etc. Moreover; expert opinions and Hand-on feedback from the experiences of Hercules the liger were also quoted within National Geographic Programs.

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Liger Hercules at National Geographic for 13 feet access.
National Geographic demonstrates 13 feet access of Hercules the liger. Photo Courtesy of 

Hercules the liger has gained tremendous popularity in the media through National Geographic. Especially “The Super Cat” program in which on majority its brother Sinbad the liger was introduced on many occasions was a very surprise package for the people who have a big interest for big cats. People have given a very amazing feedback after learning the facts about Hercules the liger through National Geographic Program and really hailed the efforts in introducing such a tremendous species for the whole world. For many viewers this tremendous big cat’s attributes were rather surprising, as they never knew about it that much before and as soon as they learned and knew it, there reaction was like Wow!

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Liger Hercules Rajani Ferrante appearing on National Geographic.
Hercules the liger with Rajani Ferrante on National Geographic. Photo Courtesy of 

Dr. Bhagavan Antle who raised Hercules the liger along with its team members, told different insights about the ligers e.g., the vigor from hybrid, the element of power, the component of perfection, the characteristics of agility, the feature of being mild and moderate aggressive etc. all merged in within one big cat. This truly indicates the perfection of the ligers and Hercules became a Brand Ambassador for all the big cats and ligers in particular.

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Liger Hercules National Geographic along with Dr. Bhagavan Antle.
Picture of Dr. Bhagavan Antle along with Hercules the Liger on National Geographic. Photo Courtesy of 

National Geographic also elaborated the skulls of all three big cats e.g., lions, tigers and Ligers. Ligers’ skull was truly massive and huge as compared to the tigers and lions that were marginally competing with one another in terms of their size. National Geographic is a big name in animal research world, and appearance of Hercules the liger has been a Phenomenal development for Hercules the liger and its team specifically Dr. Bhagavan Antle.

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Liger Hercules Skull Size and Bite Force elaborated on National Geographic.
Liger Hercules Skull Size and Bite Force elaborated on National Geographic. Photo Courtesy